Thursday, 15 April 2010

How often do we see our adult children?

Not very much according to some recent research commissioned by live-in care agency Christies Care. The extent to which the nation’s ageing population feel alone and largely ignored emerged in a survey of 3,000 people over the age of 40.

Four in ten adults admit that they do not see their parents as much as they should and in addition one in eight Brits have gone a whole year or more without seeing their parents.

Forty-three per cent of people claimed they live too far away from their parents, and a third blamed their busy lifestyles from making more regular contact.

Three in 10 fear their parents are becoming isolated due to illness, death of a partner or low income and it emerged grandparents spend nearly six hours a day completely alone. 
Just 12% of ageing parents get to see their sons, daughters and grandchildren once every four months.

However, in their time of need 85% polled would be prepared to look after their parents if and when they needed help and two thirds would even move house to be closer to them.

The study also found that eight in ten people said living at home would be their parent’s preferred choice in old age, rather than residential or nursing homes.

But only half knew that a service for care assistants to live-in at home providing round the clock help for elderly or disabled people exists.

A staggering 73% said their parents had no plans to pay for any care they would need.

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