Monday, 14 February 2011

50+'s still into romance and sex

As Valentines approaches the over 50’s are reporting higher levels of satisfaction with their health and relationships than their younger counterparts, according to Saga Health.  However despite agreeing on the state of their health, the old adage that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is still going strong, with Men twice as likely to admit dissatisfaction with their sex lives as women (21% versus 12% for women).    

Despite their sex lives being a point of contention, it does not appear to directly correlate to peoples overall satisfaction with their relationship.  In fact  84% of over 50s are confident that they think they will be with their partner forever. 

Saga panellists were asked to compare their sex life today with their sex life in their 20s and 30s. While 85% said sex was less frequent now, 82% said there was less pressure to have sex and 61% said it was more fulfilling. 68% of respondents disagreed with the statement ‘It is more boring’. In fact almost half (42%) of sexually active Saga panellists have sex at least once a week, with a further quarter saying fortnightly.
When asked how satisfied people were with other aspects in their lives, it was clear from the results that with age, comes happiness, confidence and contentment. Over 50s in general are much happier with the way they look, their relationship and their overall health compared to the younger generations. Almost three fifths of over 50s are satisfied or completely satisfied with their health, compare to only a third of under 50s. And when looking at life overall, 79% of over 50s are satisfied or completely satisfied, compared to just over half of under 50s (57%)

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