Monday, 25 April 2011

"Don't smoke, don't get fat - and don't retire!"

 A quote from Aubrey de Grey, the Cambridge scientist who is pioneering ideas of tissue repair strategies to rejuvenate the body and allow a long lifespan. This is quoted in an excellent article by Lois Rogers in this weeks Sunday Times. Unfortunately now I cannot give you a direct link because of the new online charging policies of the paper. Its called 'Life begins at 90'. It emphasizes that however old we are it is never too late to shape up physically and psychologically not just to live longer but to get so much more out of our lives.

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firstSTREET said...

I like it - one quote to cover you physically, psychologically, and financially. I have read some interesting findings on tissue repair and longevity, for instance stem cells and the like. Sounds like a great article, its too bad about their new sharing policy. Thanks!