Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Boomers learn from Generation Y

Baby boomers are starting to learn from Generation Y's approach to workplace training...

Senior execs are starting to employ GenY media like online video, social networking sites and even eBooks, according to a new report on leadership training from the Chartered Management Institute.

In the past, baby boomers have been considered a lot more technophobic than Generation Y's. We were supposed to be reluctant to embrace new technologies, and slow to use them effectively. But it seems that times are changing: 51% said they’d used online video (up from 21% a year ago), 34% have got involved with social networking sites (up from 12% last year), and about a quarter had made use of eBooks or discussion forums. This is a big leap over the course of a year – it could just be the inevitable march of progress, but it might also mean that they’re looking for efficiencies at a time when cash is tight.

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