Friday, 24 October 2008

First-time blog - Mike Scally

I liked the irony that after weeks of doubt about involvement with blogging (would it intrude into my happy retirement?) that on the the day I thought 'yes', the To-day programme carried an item 'Is blogging over?'. The suggestion was that blogging is so '2004' that it is now passe! So, here I am arriving when it is all over. The today contributors were urging us all to become 'tweeters' because, they said, blogs have been taken over by professionals promoting their wares, who were producing a 'tsunami of paid bilge' and most blogs were 'average and gutter-bound'. Hearing this I was even more hesitant about getting involved and wondered whether my image with my grandchildren would be best enhanced by my 'tweeting'. This inclination soon passed when one of the contributors (challenged by techno-cynic John Humphreys) claimed she had 500 'friends' that she 'tweeted' with regularly and was able to tell them when her cat was ill and what her plans were each day. She also admitted that she and the other contributor had been sitting together in the same room waiting for their To-day slot and had spent the time 'tweeting' to each other!! I decided it was a generational thing and decided to join the 'oldies' on this blog. So, I am now signed up and hope to become interesting before very long - everything tends to take longer these days!

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