Saturday, 8 November 2008

Flirty fifties again

A new survey of over 2000 people from the Sagazone was reported in an article in the Daily Express.

Apparantly 50+'s are just as likely to be unfaithful as younger people.
One in four has cheated on a partner by having an affair – the same proportion as those under 50. But they are much more likely to be forgiven for the fling than younger people who stray. The older generation were found to be twice as likely to be able to forgive. Just a quarter of them said they would break up with a cheating partner, compared with half of the under-50s. They also have a more relaxed attitude to what constitutes cheating in the first place. Half thought kissing someone other than a partner was being unfaithful, compared with more than three-quarters of the under-50s. A third thought sending suggestive text messages to someone else could be considered cheating, while around half the younger group did. The over-50s said life experience has given them a far more considered attitude towards infidelity.
So now you know!

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