Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Mature Market Segmentation Model

Well this mouthful is from a site called Millennium a company that specialises in marketing to the over 50's. I was especially interested as they get into the problematic area of what to call us as they segment us for marketing purposes. They call their model the New Majority which they claim incorporates what they have learned about this market in over 12 years of research, analysis and communications.

They define us as – Thrivers (50-59), Seniors (60-69), Elders (70-79) and Survivors (80+). Well I definitely do not like to be called a senior, Mike is not exactly enthusiastic about being titled an elder and we have friends in their 80's who strongly object to being called survivors. "Makes us sound as if we are sitting in death's waiting room".

This nomenclature problem is very difficult indeed. It would be interesting to get some opinions on this.

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