Thursday, 1 January 2009

Baby-boomers most efficient at cutting energy costs during recession

Over 55s are 25% more likely to shrink their monthly bills by being energy efficient than the younger generation, according to a new survey from Opus Energy, an independent electricity supplier for UK businesses.

The survey asked over 500 people about the energy saving steps they take both at home and at work. The findings showed that when it comes to tightening belts the “baby boomer” generation are way ahead of younger generations. Having lived through two recessions and grown up in post-war Britain, the over 55s are well versed in making those small steps that add up to real financial savings.

The results showed that the over 55s are well versed at making efficient use of modern technology. In the workplace, the baby boomers are three times more likely to switch off phone chargers when not in use.

The baby-boomers also have the most ‘efficient’ tea breaks at work with more than half the over 55s (55%) taking care not to boil more water than they need each time compared to under a third (27%) of under 25s.

Even though two thirds (66%) of young Brits claim they are switching to energy saving bulbs to help curb costs at home, a staggering nine out of ten (88%) over 55s said they had already made the energy efficient swap.

Under 25s were also more likely to think that making a business or a home energy efficient would increase its running costs. But as the baby boomers are clearly demonstrating, when energy costs are high and belts are tightening, small energy saving steps can be enough to equate to big savings.

Louise Boland, Director at Opus Energy said:

“It’s clear that having lived through two recessions, our older generations are more adept at taking steps to save on their energy usage to cut their bills. What is interesting is that the older generations have really embraced the energy saving benefits of modern technology, to an even greater degree than their younger counterparts."

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