Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Baby gloomers!

A recent study by the Aviva Company in the UK says that over 60% of the population over 50 is worried about having enough pension and savings to get them through retirement. Thus the newly coined term ‘baby gloomers’.

The Department of Health is to be publishing a Green Paper this month outlining a new government policy on social long term care. David Behan, UK Director General for Social Care, will be presenting on Wednesday morning, 23 July, during IAHSA’s 8th International Conference in London. That will be an opportunity to learn more about the Green Paper.


Anonymous said...

would love it if you would check out my blog

Barrie Hopson said...

Have looked at your blog. Thanks. Delighted to see that you are taking a positive approach to your own retirement. Don't get depressed if you read my earlier posting on the death of retirement! I am 66 and refuse to use the R word but then I still have a portfolio career and love it.