Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Can't we celebrate living longer?

This is the title of an excellent article by John Appleby in the Guardian. He is commenting on the latest US Census Bureau's analysis of future world population projections. They are making some very scary predictions as to the consequences for all countries , including developing ones, of the demographic time bomb. The US Bureau says that people aged over 65 will soon outnumber children aged under five for the first time in history. John comments that this sounds oddly ominous, in a rather non-specific way. "In fact, the number of over-65-year-olds in England, for example, have outweighed the number of under-fives for some time – this year by nearly three to one. Has anyone noticed what a burden or problem this has been?" Read it to pick up the rest of the predictions and his less alarmist reactions to them.

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