Wednesday, 19 August 2009

PRIME’s Olderpreneur Roadshow

PRIME, thanks to sponsorship of Bank of America, are running a series of roadshows for the over 50's who are considering self-employment, or wanting to start their own business.

The first is in Bristol on 23 September.

PRIME’s Olderpreneur Roadshow is part of a practical package of support the charity offers over 50s including a Business Club, Olderpreneur Loans Scheme and Mentoring.

At the FREE roadshow anyone over 50 who wants to find out whether self-employment or setting up their own business might be for them, can come along. They will hear from local ‘olderpreneurs’ about their experiences, and inspirational business speaker Tom Edge author of Age Is No Barrier. They will also be able to quiz local business support organisations and network with other 50s wanting to start up on their own.

After Bristol, the roadshow will be moving onto Leeds on the 14th October, Birmingham on the 4th November, and Manchester on 9th December. A London date is soon to be confirmed.

“The over 50s are an increasingly important part of our economy. Yet in many cases their energy, creativity, experience and sheer ingenuity is being unfairly discarded. At least 3.5 million 50 to 65-year-olds have no work. Over 50s who are out of work for six months after being made redundant only stand a one in ten chance of ever having the chance to be an employee again”, says Laurie South, Chief Executive of PRIME.

PRIME’s founder Prince Charles says. “The experience and skills which people build up over a lifetime are an invaluable resource”, he says. “It is madness for society not to make use of this.”

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