Sunday, 27 September 2009

Starting a business: What the over-50s need to know?

This is the title of an article by Patrick Collinson in the Guardian on Saturday for which I was interviewed but I am suggesting that you read it not just because of personal vanity(!) but because the case studies that Patrick quotes are uplifting and examples of what we can do for ourselves even if traditional jobs are thinner on the ground. And who wants old style 9-5 traditional jobs any more anyway!


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Vern said...

Right - nobody wants a 9-5 job anymore. I honestly think there is nothing better a person can do - but start their own business. Tax savings, the pride of doing something on your own... the rewards are emotional, social, as well as monetary (we hope, right?).

Marketing is the absolute key to success and failure. You can do a lot of things wrong - screw up bringing people to your business in a well thought out, and economically feasible way - and you're toast. I usually recommend entrepreneurs spend 80% of their time on marketing after setting up an Inc. to protect themselves from lawsuits, and to take advantage of the LLC or S-Corp in most cases.

I've just stumbled into your blog here and will read some of your other posts too. Good work! I'll grab your RSS feed... Thanks much. Vern