Monday, 1 February 2010

Interviewed by Bill Vicks in the US

I was recently contacted by Bill Vicks in Texas who is a portfolio worker and amongst other things has a site called BoomersNext  Bill interviewed me about the work that Mike and I have been doing relating to the over 50's and it kind of moved over into the work that I have and currently am doing with Katie Ledger on portfolio careers. I do apologise for the length but as Bill put it I am a recovering academic! So be glad I did not talk for 50 minutes without stopping. This is only 19 minutes so would just have qualified as a TED talk......

This gets syndicated to a multitude of sites in the US.

Anyway if you are really bored do have a look.

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Barrie Hopson said...

I would like to thank the 14 people who have emailed me in the last 48 hours to the effect that they hardly recognised me or were pleased to see that the dead can talk or with their suggestions for plastic surgeons!