Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Over half of Britons want to work beyond retirement age

More than half (51 per cent) of British adults are keen to carry on working beyond the retirement age in order to stay active, a new poll has found.
They survey by Friends Provident showed 47 per cent of respondents thought they would be bored once they leave their career behind and another 43 per cent said they value the social contact their job provides.
According to the company's Visions of Britain 2020 report, the country's ageing population are in better health and have more energy than any preceding generation.

It added that by the end of the decade, 51 per cent of those doing voluntary jobs are expected to be over 60 and, along with those choosing to extend their working lives, this group will make a vital contribution to society.
Friends Provident chief executive Trevor Matthews said: "People are living longer and this new breed of energetic and healthy individuals want to remain involved and not become economically inactive."

Less than one in five retired people think that it’s their responsibility to leave
an inheritance to their children. Instead retired people expect to help their
children and increasingly their grandchildren with education and housing
costs. Furthermore, 26% of grandparents expect to contribute to the cost of
tertiary education.

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Facing50Blog.com said...

I don't subscribe to some of the current thoughts. I like being retired and doing next to nothing. Recently I found this little 'quote' which amused me and sums up how I'd like to spend my latter years. 'Last Will and Testament of (name).I (name)being of sound mind and body I have spent all my money!'