Thursday, 21 October 2010

Saga divorces' on the rise as over-50s couples fall out of love

A third of men polled for Saga said their marriage ended as their partner was no longer interested in sex. Most women said their ex-husband was emotionally cold.

Nagging also scored highly, listed as a top reason for a split by 14 per cent of the 1900 divorcees aged 50 and over asked. In 10 per cent of cases, couples said they'd simply run out of things to talk about.
For the sake of research 1,900 people were questioned and the main reason for men wanting a divorce was that their partner was no longer interested in sex while women argued that their reason to head for a divorce was the emotional coldness of their husband. Emotional coldness contributed to 28% of those divorced in the over 50 category.

The research revealed that 10% couples admitted that they no longer have anything to talk while 14% said that constant nagging was responsible for their divorce. The research also found that 27% admitted that they no longer are committed to their marriage while 5% were unhappy that their partner flirted with friends and colleagues. Another major factor among couples to divorce was the financial matter. Around 9% couples complained that their partner failed to contribute financially to their relationship that led to a divorce while 8% said that their partner spent too much.

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