Monday, 27 June 2011

Over 50's fitter than we ever were!

In our book we talk about the research that made it clear that the average 50 year old today was fitter than a 25 year old 50 years ago. But new research of 1,500 over-50s carried out by finance firm Engage Mutual has shown that when we are 50+ we are now fitter than we ourselves were at 25. 

We have better diets, take more exercise and have increased free time to focus on our health. More than 70 per cent of over-50s do more exercise than when they were younger, the report found.
A similar number now pay more attention to their diet, with a dramatic decrease in the number of take-aways and ready meals they eat.
Only a fifth of them said they would have consumed the recommended amount of fruit and veg a day while in their 20s, compared to an impressive 75 per cent today.

Just goes to show that just because we get older we are still open to learning as new data hits us.

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