Friday, 8 May 2009

I'm too old to do that!

Do you get as fed up as we do in continually running into people who say this? Sometimes they are only 50. It is tragic seeing people limit themselves because they have bought into stereotyping from a different age. We need to question people who say this at any opportunity and also look for real life examples of people who clearly go counter to this restriction. As we come across them we will report them here and ask you to send us details of anyone you know who would never say this and instead does something remarkable. Like Margaret Jones, of Malmesbury, a 90-year-old former midwife from Wiltshire who had to step in to deliver her great-granddaughter because the duty midwife was not able to arrive in time. She had ceased to be a midwife 50 years ago.

Interviewed afterwards she said : "I did not think I would get down because I have two artificial hips. When I got home after, I had a strong cup of tea and put some whisky in it."

Her grandaughter commented, "My mum first called my gran just to have a look while I was waiting for the hospital midwife."

Mrs Jones ended up delivering 7lb 7oz Carys 20 minutes before the midwife arrived.

"I am close with my gran," said her grandaughter. "It felt incredible to have her there, she is magical."

I'm too old to do that...............

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