Friday, 29 May 2009

Volunteers wanted for ageing research

EXPERTS at the University of Sheffield are looking for volunteers to aid its pioneering research into ageing.
The South Yorkshire Ageing Study was launched in 2005 to help explore the changes which occur with normal ageing and to help better understand memory loss, dementia and physical disability in older people. It is also running a clinical trial to investigate the

"Over the past 50 years medicine has advanced at an almost unrecognisably fast pace and as a result people are staying physically fitter well into old age. Unfortunately with increased age comes an increased risk of developing problems such as memory loss and concentration difficulties.''

Anyone aged 40 or older can take part in the study. There is no upper age limit but volunteers need to be 55 or older to take part in the clinical trial.

Testing takes place at Western Bank and the initial appointment takes around two hours. It involves a series of simple questions and checks on memory, balance, hearing, vision and blood pressure. Those taking part in the omega-3 trial will be provided with a year's supply of fish oil and asked to return for a re-test between six months and one year after the initial appointment.

All participants will be entered into a prize draw (first prize £100).

Contact 222 4707 or 0773 683 8606 or email

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