Sunday, 17 May 2009

Moving home on retirement?

In England, 43% of over-50s plan to move away when they retire.

According to a new survey of nearly 14,000 people in the UK commissioned by Saga, the happiest older people are those who are living in the country already, and the people who aren't think they would be happier if they were. The likelihood that large numbers of older people will move to retirement hotspots has profound implications for Britain as it manages the impending boom in its ageing population. One in 10 people, regardless of where they lived themselves, picked Devon as the best county for retired people to live. Scotland also appears very popular.

We continually advise people to be very wary of making these moves. The danger is that you might lose your main support groups, activities, social pastimes and even your health security blanket as you have to find new doctors, etc. We know of people who have moved to be near their children and grandchildren which sometimes works out well and support can be offered to busy parents. We also know people who came to resent being taken for granted and/or realised that suddenly they did not have ready access to their old friends. Before deciding to do this sit down and make a list of all of the pluses and minuses that you can think of. Check the results alongside your life values - if you have done the exercise in our book. If you are moving to be near family then have a full discussion about expectations from both sides. Unless you happen to be an MP of course and then you can have 2 homes so no problem!

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