Friday, 12 March 2010

Learning with Grannie

I have just been given some information on an interesting experiment in intergenerational learning. Have a look at a site set up in Wales to promote English teaching by using grandmas. Not quite sure why grandads do not seem to have a role in this!  However, a fascinating venture which the founder tells me is being broadened out into a national initiative to involve grandparents in learning. Traditionally this has always been a role for grandmas and with the huge amount of time now being spent by grandparents in looking after younger children to enable their parents to do paid work this would seem to offer a unique opportunity. Learn with Grandmas is the name of the new non profit company set up to promote this. 

Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE is the founder of this new initiative and if you want to find out more you can contact her at

As a Grandad I would still hope that there just might be a role for us too!

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