Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Men likelier than women to enjoy sex in old age

Did that get your attention? Men are more than twice as likely as women to be sexually active in old age but good health is the key for both to feeling naughty, says a study published Wednesday by the British Medical Journal.

One survey covered 3,000 people aged 25-74 who filled in questionnaires in the mid-1990s as part of an investigation into midlife.
The other survey, focussing on old age, was carried out a decade later among a similar number of volunteers aged 57-85.
At the age of 55, men have on average almost 15 years of sexually active life ahead of them, and women 10-and-a-half years, the researchers found.
They also discovered a major gap between the genders on sex lives.
The biggest gap was among 75- to 85-year-olds, where 38.9 percent of men said they were sexually active, compared with 16.8 percent of women.
Another 41.2 per cent of the men were interested in sex, compared with 11.4 percent of the women.
Within the "sexually active" group of the 75- to 85-year-olds, 70.8 percent of men rated their sex life as of good quality, compared with 50.9 percent among women.
Why such a difference?
It could be partly explained by opportunity, say the investigators.
Around three-quarters of men across all age groups said they had a partner.
Among women, though, only two-thirds of respondents between 25 and 54 had a partner. For women aged 75 and beyond, fewer than four in 10 had a partner -- a figure reflecting women's longer lifespan and the tendency of men to marry younger women.
Good health, too, was vital for sexual wellbeing, said the study.
An individual in sound health is almost twice as likely to be interested in sex and can expect to enjoy around six more years of sexual activity compared to a peer in poor health.
If the study's measure of "sexually active life expectancy" is credible, American men generally stop having sex around the age of 70, about eight or nine years before their death, according to demographic life expectancy.
For women, "sexually active life expectancy" would ended around 65, yet their demographic life expectancy was around 82 or 83.
The question is - do you want to be a statistic?


jenniferarndt01 said...

Interesting statistics. I came across another article on a similar topic … Sex and the Empty Nest: How Active Adult Communities can Improve Marital Happiness.

el-f said...

Men enjoy sex anytime, anywhere and at any age. Period. No need for research on this! :-)

Barrie Hopson said...

What can a poor male say to that statement!