Saturday, 6 March 2010

Taking the tired out of retirement

I just came across a blog that is worth checking out from time to time - Live  for the Moment. In the latest posting I came across this quote which I reproduce here.

"People want to take the ‘tired’ out of retired. Retirement is no longer a matter of ’stop work and start dying’. It’s now more like, as one client put it to me, “what’s for dessert? I’ve finished the main course and I’m still hungry!” Such people want to continue having an active involvement in society – preferably paid – but on their own terms rather than on an employer’s terms. Total health is a critical factor in this issue.
A growing health issue here is what’s called the Retired Husband Syndrome – the man (usually) who has left work and finds himself with no interests to pursue. He develops a “me too” attitude, seeking to become involved in the interests of his wife or partner. Sometimes he assumes the role of an efficiency expert, advising his partner how to better run the home. If unresolved quickly, strong emotional issues can arise, leading to possible divorce or even death.
The Retired Husband syndrome highlights the fact that preparations for a healthy retirement need to be in place long before the event". 
Do you recognise any of this?

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