Monday, 9 March 2009

CIPD argue in favour of abandoning 65 retirement default

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development believes the days of the compulsory retirement age are numbered.

The European Court of Justice found that the Default Retirement Age (DFA) does not contravene the European Framework Directive on equal treatment. However the CIPD maintains that experienced and capable older workers are losing out by not having the choice of staying on in employment.

Mike Emmott, CIPD Employee Relations Adviser said: “Compulsory retirement ages can leave organisations blindly waving goodbye to valuable skills and experience. They do not just hit people at retirement age. They can lead to lazy management of workers for many years as older employees are filed by their managers under the ‘soon to retire’ category.”

A CIPD research report 'Future Demand for Working Among Older Workers' found that just under two-fifths (38%) of individuals intend to work beyond the age of 65, with most (68%) citing financial necessity as the main reason for staying on. A futher 31% of individuals would continue to work beyond retirement age if their employer allowed them to work flexibly.


OverFiftiesFriends said...

I think we definitely need to catch up with the rest of Europe and abandon the default. Some of us are more than keen to keep working!

Just have a look at the members of this community to see what I mean:


Barrie Hopson said...

We were not aware of your site so thanks for letting us know.