Monday, 16 March 2009

Final salute to the Palm Spring Follies

Absolutely the last posting from the Palm Spring Follies. But if you want to see more just look at their website and follow the leads to the YouTube videos.

Oh! And of course I could not do one final posting without showing a picture of me talking to the gorgeous Susan Anton. She and the others by the way were performing again after this matinee performance in just 2 hours after this picture was taken. Someone said to me at a meeting yesterday that he should not be expected to be learning new things now as he was 79! You can imagine my response - "Yes! And ...."


Lily Fu said...

Am envious that you got to see the Palm Spring Follies! They are such an inspiration, aren't they? And
posing with Susan Anton too! WOW!

Barrie Hopson said...

I had a great interview with Susan too who sadly is known in the UK simply as an ex girl friend of Dudley Moore. She is a great singer and works wonderfully off her audience in an intimate way.