Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hugh MacLeod

The observant amongst may have noticed that we have just added another widget to the site. This contains the cartoons by a spectacularly original and slightly crazy person called Hugh MacLeod. It is worth having a look at his website
Some of his material relates to the over 50's but I just think that he has such a unique style that his contributions are always worth looking at. I should give a health warning here in that some of his material is quite adult! The cartoons change automatically every few days and we have no idea what is coming up! I like his stuff so much that my new book will have a number of his cartoons illustrating it. The new book is on Portfolio Careers, which I am writing with Katie Ledger, the ex ITN newsreader and now communications coach. This is a career pattern increasingly attractive to the over 50's and I will post more on this topic as we write the book.

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