Thursday, 2 April 2009

IOD now supports abolition of the default state retirement age

Its not always attractive to keep looking at older posts and because of this I want to highlight a comment that has been posted today by Malcolm Small from the IOD. We had a conversation today about the IOD position and Malcolm informed me that he is now writing a new policy paper to be launched in the autumn on this and related issues. To save you the trouble I am reproducing his comment below. "Well, you don't need to persuade the IoD, at least, any more. I'm writing a policy paper for launch in the Autumn - the Roadmap for Retirement Reform 2009 - which will look positively at how older workers can add real value in business. The impossibility of funding a 30 year retirement from a 35 year working life means continued employment is a vital, legitimate, strategy for the "baby boom" generation. There's no doubt we will see a lot more elder workers, at all levels, in future - and elder entrepreneurs, too." Thank you to the IOD for having the courage to change their views so publically.

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