Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Organisation and self-control are crucial to longevity

A study led by University of California researchers has found that ambitious, organised and conscientious people are likely to live longer than those who are impulsive.

Howard Friedman, professor of psychology at the university, insists that psychological traits can help predict health risks.

“Not only do conscientious individuals have better health habits and less risk-taking, but they also [have] more stable jobs and marriages and may even have a biological predisposition toward good health,” Professor Friedman says.

The researches observed that highly conscientious people could live up to four years longer, as they were less likely to smoke or drink to excess.

They also found that highly conscientious people led a more stable and less stressful life.

The study involved more than 8,900 participants from the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

The researchers looked at three facades of conscientiousness - self-control, organisation and industriousness.

Other healthy traits included thoroughness, reliability, deliberation, competence and dutifulness.

“There is some evidence that people can become more conscientious, especially as they enter stable jobs or good marriages,” said co-researcher Margaret Kern.

Not sure that I have too many of these traits so I had better just focus on more exercise and good nutrition and of course being positive about ageing. Remember that can 7.5 years onto your life span.

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