Monday, 6 April 2009

It pays to talk..

Some new research carried out by BT shows that half of over-50s do not tell their children about the physical things they can no longer do for themselves.It also shows more than a third (37%) of people under 50 find it difficult to talk to their parents and in-laws about the fact they are getting older.

The findings came from an ICM survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out from March 4-8.

The poll also found more than two thirds (69%) of adults under 50 in the UK are concerned about caring for their parents or in-laws as they get older, while 77% of over 50s are concerned about being a burden on their children.

Despite an apparent reluctance to talk about getting older, 80% of people over 50 expect to rely on the telephone to make sure they can keep in touch with family and friends as their mobility decreases. Well this is a BT survey so you might expect that but even so it does seem a pity that so many of us have difficulties in discussing these issues within our families. Come on - let us trust ourselves and our families and talk more openly.

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