Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Resistance training does more than build strong muscles -- it can turn back the clock

As someone who owns up to using a personal trainer and has done so for 18 months now and felt a huge difference I was intrigued to see an article this morning that produces significant evidence fro the value of resistance training especially the use of weights in combating osteoporosis in men and women. A 2007 study conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton concluded that resistance training can dramatically alter "genetic fingerprints" (DNA). Researchers recommended weightlifting as a means of improving health and reversing the ageing process itself, giving credence to the fact that even moderate resistance training improves our well-being as we get older. Most people believe the best exercise for long term fat-loss is aerobics. Weight loss and fat loss shouldn't be confused. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that a restricted caloric diet, combined with too much cardio in the absence of resistance training can be detrimental to long-term fat-loss, and may lead to long-term weight gain. Excuse me while I go off to do my thrice weekly resistance training!

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